Small Beginnings


Queens Of Purpose was founded by Dawneshia Logo in November of 2012 and it all started through not only her life experiences but through sharing her testimony on social media. It was created to inspire, spark change and to show women and girls around the world who they are in Christ. Its a sisterhood similar to a sorority for women and girls to come together, encourage and help each other to be their best selves. You don't have to compete to be better than the next woman or girl, you only have to work to be better than you were before. Queens Of Purpose you are NOT alone, NOT forgotten, you ARE worthy to be loved and have purpose. We are a sisterhood to not only inspire but mentor each other. 



Dawneshia hadn't always been so sure of her purpose, she wasn't at all bold or courageous but it was deep inside waiting to emerge. Growing up in the town of Oakland, Ca. Dawneshia saw a lot that no young girl should ever see. Living there she saw violence, prostitution, and needles riddled across her schools playground but her mother did the best that she could raising 4 girls. There were a lot of good things and bad things that she had experienced and a lot of them were life changing. Those life changing events are what led Dawneshia wanting to be the difference, so that she could make a difference in the communities she worked and lived in.